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The magical benefits of transitioning from liquid to mineral foundation

Why on earth would you want to break up with liquid foundation when you've used it forever? Good question, and we've got an even better answer. Scoot closer, and let us tell you a tale…

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, founder and CEO of MSLondon Cosmetics, Ego Iwegbu, sat down with Caitlin Collins to talk about her experience with switching to mineral foundation. And let us tell you - it was a major revelation!

See Caitlin, who is a super busy working mom with two cute kiddos, had her day-to-day routine down pat. This included her trusty liquid foundation. However, she had this niggling feeling that something wasn't quite right, because every time she went for a facial her beautician would tell her how much makeup was stuck deep down in her pores!

So, Caitlin kept going for deep cleanses and assumed that everyone else out there was also living this clogged-pore life. 

MSLondon Mineral Foundation

But then her good friend Ego introduced her to mineral makeup, and the pretty packaging was enticing enough to persuade her to give it a go. Sure enough, it was a bit of a learning curve - getting the hang of applying loose powder rather than a liquid takes a few goes. But then, it CLICKED. 

All of a sudden, Caitlin was able to dab, dab, dab, and head out the door with gorgeous lightweight coverage that left her with a sheer glow and an amazing no-makeup feeling!

Best of all, the next time she visited her beautician she thanked her for using less makeup - even though she had been wearing mineral makeup all week. That was when she knew it was time to break up with liquid foundation for good. 

Why exactly is MSLondon Mineral Powder Foundation so very amaze? 

To be honest, it's actually what's NOT in MSLondon cosmetics that sets it apart. 

It does not contain ANY preservatives (AKA skin irritants)

Yes, that's right, our MSLondon Mineral Powder Foundation is completely free from preservatives! How so? Well, our powders are inorganic, which means that bacteria is not all that keen on it. It also does not contain water or oil, which means it doesn't have to be preserved in the same way as a liquid product. 

There are NO nano-particles in the mix

Nano particles are the nasties that make their way into your pores to cause issues like blackheads and acne. Instead, our powders sit on the skin to create a clean, light-reflecting barrier instead. 

Fillers? None of those either!

We don't believe in bulking out our cosmetics, which is why we make it using pure mineral pigments that can adapt to your skin tone with ease and doesn't have that 'heavy' feeling. 

Meet your match

We are here to help colour match you to the right MSLondon shades; just email (insert email address) or DM us your makeup-free, no-filter selfie via Instagram or Facebook for your perfect match!

PS. Pro tip! Our MSLondon Mineral Powder Foundation works at its absolute best when you use our amazing Flat Blending Brush. It's like magic ✨

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