MSLondon Cosmetics - What is Mineral makeup?

Get the inside scoop on the magic that is mineral makeup and why it's miles ahead of conventional makeup. Get ready to have your mind blown, love!

Let's get straight into it!

The short & sweet definition of mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is made from naturally occurring minerals such as zinc oxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, ultramarine blue, kaolin clay, and titanium dioxide.

So, what makes MSLondon so special?

Good question and we like that asked it. See, at MSLondon, we realise that not all minerals are good for your skin. Sure, it's natural, but that does not necessarily mean that it's good for your skin. This is why we took a good, long look at the ingredients we add to our formulations to ensure that it LOVES YOUR SKIN BACK.

Every person on this planet has some sort of skin concern. Some have acne, hyperpigmentation or roseaca. Others have uneven skin tone or large pores. Whatever the case may be, it makes you feel somewhat less ayoba when you walk out into the world. This is why we set out to develop makeup that looks natural, is super easy to apply, and does not cause any irritation at all.

To do so we ditched all chemicals and skin irritants from our ingredient list. This left us with the good guys, namely:

✔ Zinc Oxide: Physical sunscreen, non-comedogenic, skin-healing
✔ Sericite: Airbrushed appearance, oil absorption, natural sheen
✔ Iron Oxides: Naturally-occurring yellow, black & red color pigments
✔ Mica: Light-reflecting mineral that creates a subtle glow
✔ Ultramarine blue: Mineral derived colorant
✔ Kaolin Clay: Controls excess oils
✔ Titanium dioxide: Naturally occurring mineral and physical sunscreen

That's it, love! We know, it seems super unlikely, since most commercial cosmetics contain AT LEAST 25+ ingredients. However, it was our mission to eliminate fillers, parabens, preservatives, fragrances, essential oils and synthetic dies. And we did so.


Long story short, MSLondon mineral makeup is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic mineral-based makeup that incorporastes seven simple ingredients to match your natural skin tone and visibly improve your skin’s appearance, enhancing your natural glow with sheer coverage that melts into your complexion.

DM us to get colour-matched by a MSL expert and start your journey to a skin-loving selfcare regime today. With 50 000+ colour matches under our belt, we get it right every time!

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