MSLondon Cosmetics Iconic Flat Blending Brush

Short answer? Pretty amazing! After all, you can't go around calling something iconic if it's only so-so. However, when it comes to our flat blending brush, we are happy to say that this description is exactly accurate.

Makeup brushes are a funny thing - you don't quite know what a difference a truly stupendous brush can make until you have one. That is why we always recommend that MSLondon makeup fans treat themselves to our Iconic Flat Blending Brush if they want to level up in terms of effortless makeup application.

See, we believe in keeping things SUPER simple.

We don't want our makeup to be a complicated part of your daily routine. It should be FUN! And with the Iconic Flat Blending Brush, it will be.

MSLondon Cosmetics Iconic Flat Blending Brush

We've designed this soft, flexible brush with short, tightly-packed bristles that are tailor-made to unleash the wonder that is our MSL Mineral Foundation thanks to perfect levels of pressure and movement.

It's also super versatile. You can either press the pigment in our MSL foundations, contour powders and blushes down with a firm dabbing motion to give loads of coverage and colour, or you can dust it on with a sweeping motion in areas where things are less intense.

Additionally, our Flat Blending Brush also helps your MSL makeup to go further. It fits perfectly into our makeup containers, which means it picks up and dispenses our mineral powders very accurately, without any needless wastage. In fact, if you want to zone in even further, you can give it a little pinch to make a precise application point.

Another major plus is that it cleans like a dream. All you need to do to keep the synthetic bristles in tip-top, bacteria-free shape is to spray or wipe it with rubbing alcohol. To make it last even longer, you can treat it to a nice warm water wash with soap once a month, swirling it through the basin and squeezing gently as you go until you don't see any more foam. Then leave it out to air-dry.

There you go - the low-down on our iconic MSL Flat Blending Brush. Check back soon for more insider info and helpful advice from the MSL crew. 

MSLondon Cosmetics Mineral Foundation and Iconic Flat Blending brush

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